maandag, maart 30, 2009

IF: Poise

This week's topic on Illustration Friday is 'POISE'.
After searching for the meaning of the word (yay, i'm learning english as well here... haha) I instantly thought of cats.
I love cats, I have two of them, and they really are Masters of Poise. For them it's as easy to walk on the carpet as to walk on the fence around my staircase...

dinsdag, maart 17, 2009

IF: Legendary

Mrs. Bibble rushes to a party with her legendary chocolate&honey covered pancakes.

A quick drawing in my moleskine sketchbook.
So frustrating when an image is in your head, but comes out quite crappy. I don't like the apron, and her pose is not as 'moving' as I wanted it to be. Just have to practice on my drawing and especially my patience while drawing more i guess. But allright, it's not so bad that I didn't dare to submit this one. A good reminder to become better and better!

vrijdag, maart 06, 2009


For years I wanted to start an art journal, or at least fill a sketchbook with experiments, colours, texts, pasted in things.... whatever. As long as it was looooose, and impulsive. But always when I bought a new sketchbook, I started to make only 'nice' drawings, and beautiful ones... Too tight, too planned, too carefull. Then I found 'Wreck this Journal' by Keri Smith in a bookshop, and wow! That book made me dare to NOT plan what to draw, NOT be afraid to drip onto another page, NOT thinking it must become a nice drawing. It triggerd the more impulsive 'artist' in me.
I bought a real moleskine sketchbook now, and now it's first pages are filled with all kinds of blips and blurps. Here are 3 of them... (to be honest, these are the nicest drawings. Now I'm writing this I realise I should scan the more impulsive pages even more!)