woensdag, juli 01, 2009


L.t.r: Pia, Pierre, Puck, Philippe, Patric, Pinti, Pippy, Pico and Pilou

Curious Creatures called 'Pipuriï' are flocking my room at the moment.
I made them from paper maché and painted them with acrylics. I love to place them together or in different combinations or places. Every time someting else happens, a new interaction or new emotion.

Watching television:

Pilou is a little shy:

Pia & Pierre:
Pia was sold to a lady a few days ago. I hesitated to let Pia go alone (because the idea of the project was about interaction, the pipuri-group thing), but the lady was so nice to her and thats interaction too! (she actually kissed her nose and stroked her, really!) that I was happy to let her go with this lovely lady. Strange how paper things become creatures of affection, but that was exactly the thing i had in mind while making them ;-)