donderdag, augustus 02, 2007

Illustration Friday: Moon

12 opmerkingen:

zari.ZHM zei

this is cute! i love the original!

scribblesk zei

Love the crazy critter!

Eli Edmundson zei

Love how the eyes repeat the moon! Very cool stylized kitten.

zari.ZHM zei

i hadn't notice the repetion of the moon in the eyes...COOOL!

Leah zei

I love the little kitten :). Well done!

Loni Edwards zei

Excellent! I too noticed the eyes, really cool idea. This would make a great Halloween card!

thefridayfrog zei

wonnnnderful, kameeri! where can i see those frogs you are working on, in your profile? they look great! :))

ksklein zei

wonderful. what technique did you use?

Traci Bixby zei

This reminds me so much of Halloween! I love how the cat's eyes are the same shape as the moon. Beautiful!

MION zei

This is cute!!

KittyMeow zei

That's the coolest Illo I've seen in a long time!! I really really love it. Great work :-D

michael zei

liking the cats shape - simple. nice. great illo.