vrijdag, juli 16, 2010

Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I love sketchbooks, and always seem to have too many of them. Half filled with doodles and thoughts and plans for paintings.
Can one have too many sketchbooks? Well, I think not. But to actually fill one with all kinds of drawings till the last page is like a journey that's come to an end. While filling it up I flip through the previous pages often. But when a book is full, it's finished and ends up on a shelf to stay there, mostly untouched. That part of life is closed. It becomes a memory.

How special to discover 'The Sketchbook Project', where people from all over the world are asked to fill a sketchbook and return it, which will then be displayed in an art library where people can 'read' the sketchbooks! This way the pages will be viewed by all kinds of people in various places. What a chance to 'speak' to people on the other side of the world via drawings and doodles!
Somehow strange, because specially these sketchbooks are often so personal, but i guess that's the beauty of reading them.

I immediately ordered one of those sketchbooks and can't wait till it arrives.
Hope i can fill this one up without hesitation or fear because of perfectionism...

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