dinsdag, april 07, 2009

IF: Talisman

An object believed to bring good luck or to keep its owner safe from harm

As a child, I never went anywhere without my teddy 'Beer'.
Drawing from a few years ago, but suited the subject :)

8 opmerkingen:

daS zei

So lovely! I love all your illos!

AtelierBrigitte zei

Great illustration! Love the colors you've worked with.

Diane zei

absolutely enchanting, sweet, beautiful. Terrific colors!!!

Coreopsis zei

This is a very sweet illustration. I love the purple. amd the roundness of the girl.

Vhrsti zei

Brilliant! Perfect!

Fadas & C.ยช zei

Ohhhh! So cute and tender! Really lovely!

Nanda Palinckx zei

Very great, I love this one.

Jutta zei

Beautiful! You really caprure the emotion :)