maandag, maart 30, 2009

IF: Poise

This week's topic on Illustration Friday is 'POISE'.
After searching for the meaning of the word (yay, i'm learning english as well here... haha) I instantly thought of cats.
I love cats, I have two of them, and they really are Masters of Poise. For them it's as easy to walk on the carpet as to walk on the fence around my staircase...

11 opmerkingen:

chiara zei

That's a good idea!!

Fadas & C.ยช zei

So elegant and charming!

Kacey zei

I love this kitty, such expressive feet too, and nice bold colors! Great job!!

cat hearts kitties zei

this has become my favorite this week. bold colours, and one, perfect graceful kitty.

Artemis Wilde zei

Such a graceful cat. Lovely.

Gwendoulash zei

wonderfull colors

Jack Foster zei

Now that's poise! He looks so calm cool and collected. Great artwork and nice angle!

thedoodlegirl zei

How fun! Love the fence and how the lines match up to the posture of the kitty.

theartofpuro zei

Lovely illo,perfect for the topic,love the colours

justdoodleit zei

super colors

JooJoo zei

The sweetest pose I've ever seen! Very pretty illustration with lovely vivid colors :)