dinsdag, maart 17, 2009

IF: Legendary

Mrs. Bibble rushes to a party with her legendary chocolate&honey covered pancakes.

A quick drawing in my moleskine sketchbook.
So frustrating when an image is in your head, but comes out quite crappy. I don't like the apron, and her pose is not as 'moving' as I wanted it to be. Just have to practice on my drawing and especially my patience while drawing more i guess. But allright, it's not so bad that I didn't dare to submit this one. A good reminder to become better and better!

11 opmerkingen:

Nanda Palinckx zei

He ik zag je op illustration Friday. Ik vond je illustratie te gek.Ik zag dat je ook nog geen followers had net als ik op mijn weblog. Dus ik heb me aangemeld bij jouw weblog.

Rui Sousa zei

Really well done, a beautiful work, so fresh. Nice colours and a great concept!
Congratulations and regards!

rui sousa

life without novacaine zei

really nice. i'm glad you submitted it!

Jack Foster zei

Very nice. Love the flowing lines and the colors! Great work!

Indigene zei

All artists feel that way! :) I think is spunky, full of energy and I like your line work!

Anoniem zei

i agree, it is something we all struggle with. not having the image quite right. or the finished product isn't as dynamic or loose as the sketch was. i love this though. those pancakes would hit the spot right about now.


Kylie zei

We had similar ideas! I love your take on this. well done!

lil kim zei

I think this is great, love her pose and the little bees.

Artemis Wilde zei

I love it! I too sometimes feel unsatisfied with what comes out. Don't worry though, because you definitely have talent.

Jennifer Mann zei

I love your drawings, and your photographs! Really light, energetic and beautiful. I don't think I have ever done a painting or a drawing that I am completely happy with..or if I have, then it is not a condition that I can hope to repeat...but that is what keeps us working harder to be better!
Thanks for your comment on my IF painting.

Emily zei

hihi...adorable! Especially the little bees on top!