vrijdag, maart 06, 2009


For years I wanted to start an art journal, or at least fill a sketchbook with experiments, colours, texts, pasted in things.... whatever. As long as it was looooose, and impulsive. But always when I bought a new sketchbook, I started to make only 'nice' drawings, and beautiful ones... Too tight, too planned, too carefull. Then I found 'Wreck this Journal' by Keri Smith in a bookshop, and wow! That book made me dare to NOT plan what to draw, NOT be afraid to drip onto another page, NOT thinking it must become a nice drawing. It triggerd the more impulsive 'artist' in me.
I bought a real moleskine sketchbook now, and now it's first pages are filled with all kinds of blips and blurps. Here are 3 of them... (to be honest, these are the nicest drawings. Now I'm writing this I realise I should scan the more impulsive pages even more!)

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Artemis Wilde zei

Gorgeous. I love how free and organic your sketches look.